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BULLETHEAD has been described as "GANSTER ROCK" The band has risen from the ashes of RUBIKON, Rubikon was a well established band in Australia, headling major theatre venues and selling out many shows at some of Australias most prestigious and iconic ROCK venues! BULLETHEAD is the latest project!

The band has already made front cover of some great Music press on a national level. Look out for July issue of Autralian Guitar Magazine, which includes full Interviews, photos and bonus tracks Where it begins & Living Lie on the front cover!!

Before BulletHead had even released the first album, They secured airplay on LA Fm radio networks, They are gearing up to tour Australia through Cartel Music, BulletHeads debut album KNOW YOUR ENEMY will be instore nationwide through MGM, and will also be available on itunes and Sanity etc, BulletHeads debut film clip has made RAGE playlists will be on most music TV stations in the country, not bad fo a heavy rock outfit?
BulletHead will be in California this year working with Silvia Massy Shivvy (TOOL Sytem of a down, Smashing Pumpkins & The Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Australian Guitar Magazine
This hard rocking Sydney outfit are passionate about their music and have taken the metal by the balls with their own brand of dirty hard rock, which they have spent the last 4 years (playing under the name Rubikon) carefully finetuning. Their hard-hitting live shows have increased their fan base from the one or two dedicated punters to the point where they’re headlining sold-out gigs. And after listening to “Know Your Enemy”, (acclaimed US producer Sylvia Massy heard it and now she wants to record their next album), you understand full well that this band is ready to destroy. Song after song, Bullethead deliver killer riffs and a potent sound that drives the album forward, buoyed by the brilliant work of guitarist Alex Hermescec, aka Skuey. Highlights include “Fight For Me” and “I Am”, both containing fat heavy chords that disturb the bowels. You have got to give respect to a three-piece band that sounds this good. With nothing to fall back on, Bullethead’s seek and destroy mission to rock has only just begun.

Chris Gersbach Australian Guitar Magazine

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Track List:
1. Love & War
2. Promise made
3. Fight for me
4. The Darkness
5. Where it begins
6. Living Lie
7. Misery
8. I AM
9. The Prophet
10. Difference
11. Apache

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